Aerbreak & Krash Dubs – Me N You (The Moment)

By Ariel Remy

London-based label Militant Music’s man of the moment, Aerbreak, strikes again in collaboration with the head honcho himself, Krash Dubs. This modern take on old skool breakbeat happy hardcore can be summed up in one word – epic – and it’s nothing short of what one would call an absolute corker AKA a gun finger raiser. I am an avid happy hardcore enthusiast as in my opinion it really brings all my favourite elements together under one roof, namely the four-to-the-flour kick drum pattern layered under rolling breakbeats and driven by pounding sub-bass.

The first element of this track is a noticeably heavily processed amen break that isn’t typical of classic happy hardcore, giving it a gritty edge. To set the hardcore mood, the pair introduce vocal chops and sound effects until the listener is launched into a lush combination of risers and a happy-go-lucky stab pattern. The bass and breaks kick back in and off we go. At this point, you might be tempted to throw your hands in the air but steady on because we haven’t gotten to the piano line yet! Here it comes… as Peter Bouncer said, I can feel another rush coming on…

When the piano line kicks in is when this track begins its journey of epicness. Indeed the euphoric feeling is sky-high as vocal chops and breakbeats pair themselves with pianos and pads. How could this be topped off? With a four to the flour kick off course! Now we’re really in gear… rolling & rolling until we reach the next section: a wonderful breakdown that transitions us smoothly into the last leg of the journey. Seemingly out of nowhere, an infectious warping bassline is filtered in and accompanied by the breakbeats, carrying us to the finish line in rocking style.

Big ups to Aerbreak & Krash Dubs for gifting us with this track FREE OF CHARGE! Make sure you give it a listen and a download.

Posted on March 29, 2024