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Drumwork - Freak/Touch EP

Drumwork – Freak/Touch EP

Just listening in the car or at home will leave you exhausted. Please enjoy responsibly.

DJ Whitecoat - Summer Sampler (2019)

DJ Whitecoat – Summer Sampler (2019)

You make a bass face, and then dance harder for the next two minutes.

Scuffed Presents 002

Scuffed Presents 002

Scuffed Records lives in a parallel universe, confusing because of just how familiar it feels.

Leda Stray & High Class Filter - Venga

Leda Stray & High Class Filter – Venga

As much global dancehall and bang as you can cram into a dancefloor tune.

Priceless - 136

Priceless – 136

The EP, 136, by Priceless, feels like a memory. The party was great and as messy as we’d hoped. We danced, there was just enough drama, the drugs confused us just enough to tickle our creativity. Now it’s time to drive home, but we need something that hints at the fading joy and will keep […]

DJ BMW – Prism

Back in the day, what drew me to UK funky was the split between the lush pop feel of acts like Crazy Cousinz and the motif-driven side with the likes of Lil Silva and Roska. Prism and Reactor Core, the first two tracks on this EP from DJ BMW, are perfect examples of compelling ideas, […]

Ali McK & IYZ – Kiki Dub

Coincidentally, about halfway through listening to Kiki Dub for the first time, the little Argentinian girl who lives next door goes screaming by on her bicycle. The look of determination on her face somehow encapsulates this track perfectly. Sweat and hard work are paired perfectly with pure joy and exhilaration. It’s a simple tune you […]

HAAi – It’s Something We Can All Learn From

I caught on to HAAi a few months ago with “I Never Cared Too Much For Jungle” which I found just so wonderfully, compellingly odd. “It’s Something We Can All Learn From” pushes me up against the same car in the parking lot. It’s danceable, terrifying, wandering and beautiful all in the same five minutes and […]

Yak – Termina

Out now on R&S Records, this four-track EP covers a lot of ground. Wide Eye, the first track, would fit well into a house set, though it feels like about three different tracks. There’s an acieed middle section surrounded by lush house chords. The second tune, Skooma is what piqued my interest. It starts off with […]