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BT010 Cooking Up Bass EP By Secret Agent Gel

Secret Agent Gel - Cooking Up Bass EP

Secret Agent Gel pairs up with Brooklyn's Liz Toft for "Cooking Up Bass" a dark, UK funky house banger. The b-side, the instrumental Frankenstein, runs with the spooky, bashy house theme. - October 10, 2010

  • MP3 Cooking Up Bass (feat Liz Toft)

  • MP3 Frankenstein

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BT009 Lengthy Riddim EP By Mista Men

Mista Men - Lengthy Riddim EP

The Lengthy Riddim is a tribal dance track featuring intricate, body-weight beats and heavy bass. At once deep and upfront, It sits well alongside dubstep, UK Funky, house or any bass-heavy dance floor mix. Hackman, known for his beautiful house and garage, has remixed the original, taking it almost house, almost a classic garage sound, sexier, and more luscious. - July 1, 2010

  • MP3 Lengthy Riddim

  • MP3 Lengthy Riddim (Hackman remix)

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BT008 Crew EP By Secret Agent Gel ft Coppa

Secret Agent Gel ft Coppa - Crew EP

This uk funky-meets-ragga A side from Bass Tourist's own Secret Agent Gel features Coppa on the mic, and the pairing is dangerous! Bok Bok's remix pushes the modern bass, grime and funky boundries. Bringing together Brooklyn, Berlin and London, this release is going to take over the world. - June 15, 2009

  • MP3 Crew

  • MP3 Crew (Bok Bok remix)

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BT007 744 EP By Grimelock

Grimelock - 744 EP

When We heard this tune here at the Bass Tourist, it scared the shit out of us and we knew we had to put it out. Grimelock delivers a dark hard4 banger and then BunZer0 mangles it into dubstep. - May 1, 2009

  • MP3 744

  • MP3 744 (BunZer0 remix)

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BT006 Loneliness b/w Psychedelic Flu By BunZer0

BunZer0 - Loneliness b/w Psychedelic Flu

BunZer0 drops two searing broken dubstep tunes. Another great DJ-turned-producer, BunZer0 smashes the lines between genres, and writes tunes that make you start to wiggle whether you like it or not. - December 1, 2008

  • MP3 Loneliness

  • MP3 Psychedelic Flu

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BT005 Heavy Man March b/w Ureatha By Yozzi B

Yozzi B - Heavy Man March b/w Ureatha

Proper northern UK bassline from badman Yozzi B. He combines big beats and vocal samples with enough grit and wallop to make you jump. - November 1, 2008

  • MP3 Heavy Man March

  • MP3 Ureatha

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BT004 Call It Dirty (ft Redeyz) b/w Geeks By DZ

DZ - Call It Dirty (ft Redeyz) b/w Geeks

Noisy electro house from Canada's DZ. Known in the electro and underground bass scene, this prolific beat producer occasional gets drunk and makes straight bass-booty music. We had to put out two of them. - October 1, 2008

  • MP3 Call it Dirty (ft Redeyz)

  • MP3 Geeks

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BT003 British Knights b/w Bassbinz By Sentient

Sentient - British Knights b/w Bassbinz

Sentient brings us two ridiculously hard tunes blending rave and straight thug. "British Knights" throbs with a half-step and writhes with dancefloor energy. Bassbinz mixes breaks and a bass wobble like an out-of-control robot. - April 17, 2008

  • MP3 British Knights

  • MP3 Bassbinz

BT002 You Say By Joe Breaker

Joe Breaker - You Say

With Joe Breaker's first EP, he drops the perfect mix between dubstep and dancefloor. Running with that, we added a bassline remix from Secret Agent Gel and a grime remix featuring Toronto's UKC crew. - March 10, 2008

  • MP3 You Say

  • MP3 You Say (Secret Agent Gel remix)

  • MP3 You Say (grime remix ft UKC)

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BT001 Raver I By Secret Agent Gel

Secret Agent Gel - Raver I

The debute release on Bass Tourist is the three track "Raver I" EP from Secret Agent Gel. The already rinsed "Wildman" kicks it off, and then rolls on with two more minimal-but-heavy 4x4 kickers. - January 28, 2008

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Bass Tourist Records is a digital label focusing on electronic dance music of all genres that's got big bass sounds. We love anything that kills a dance floor - bassline, dubstep, garage, house, electro, dancehall, 2step, bmore. Bass Tourist was started by Secret Agent Gel with friends and is roughly based out of Brooklyn, tho our roster is world-wide.

All tracks mastered by:
Dave Sharma. Get to know!

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