Ali McK & IYZ – Driver EP

By Corey Maass

“Driver” by Ali McK & IYZ comes on like a Dixieland parade, full of joy and swing, but don’t be fooled into following. They walk you right off a cliff into the thin air of bass and shuffle. Time stands still as the growls and funky riddim builds into a perfect atmosphere of bounce and tension. You’re in for a wild ride, whether it’s for the boiler room or block party.

Right away, you’re reminded that “London’s Calling” from the building staccato strings, a nod to grime, bassline and all things UK garage. Which is only right, because the bassline could be taken from climes farther norf. “London’s Calling” is a simple riddim, but not without attention to detail. The hand percussion and vocal blurts keep it rolling.

Killjoy strips the original “Driver” down to the bone and builds it back-up with face slapping claps and more bassline flair. It’s relentless, a completely different interpretation of the “driver” metaphor.

Coldpast takes “Driver” a little further back, with chunky hats and a bit of snare swing setting a more speed garage vibe. The gun fingers come out on this one, Buju sample, synth vamps, and all. In the 90’s I would’ve driven hours to hear this.

This EP is a winner I slept on earlier this year. It’s now in regular rotation.

Posted on July 22, 2019

Ali McK & IYZ - Driver EP