Bass Clef – Zamyatin Renumbered

By Corey Maass

Quirky garage hits give way to a UK funky beat which dissolves into electro madness, and then kuduro… “1471” by Bass Clef is the darkest carnival roller I’ve heard. This is one of those tunes that every DJ looks for. It’s five delightful minutes of post-garage vibes, but it’ll never age.

“Get on the A10 and Drive and Drive” is an alien grime riddim meant only for the bravest. Hard snares descend into drill-n-bass-style mayhem over spacious squidgy bass. But it’s only the first wave. So you have no idea what happens when huge synth pads descend like the mothership.

“One Hundred Point Three” is what Burial would sound like if he lived in the movie, Tron.

And on it goes. The album gets weirder and weirder, exploring Squarepusher jungle, itchy IDM, and shimmering, disorienting ambient. It’s an extremely thick 43 minutes of music but a rewarding listen, end to end.

Posted on September 30, 2019