Breaka – We Move EP

By Jordan Moussavi

“We Move” is a refreshing trio of tracks from one of electronic music’s brightest standouts, Breaka. With its twists and turns delicately cushioned by smooth mixdowns and an eclectic taste in direction, the London native again demonstrates his talent for blending old and new, nostalgic and futuristic.

The EP begins with “We Move”, an opener that signals in good faith the progressive direction of the release. An alarm-like lead takes a leading role, with synth arpeggios playfully darting about the stereo. Tense chords sustain beneath until the lot filters into a bouncy main motif with crisp, clean percussion. The reemergence of the aforementioned synth arpeggios lifts the whole composition, cresting and falling a few more times until we are gently segued into “Solaria”.

Solaria is appropriately placed in the record, which itself is a show of Breaka’s good taste. Dub, footwork, and experimental influences are prominent here and the whole thing is reminiscent of a personal favorite artist, Djrum. A warm bass sits comfortably in the driver’s seat whilst airy pad work and shimmering one-shots ensure the correct course. A crunchy bass tunnels to the surface around halfway through, arriving on time with house-y chord stabs–a particularly enjoyable part of the cut. The outro does its job dutifully, gradually dropping elements until the thudding kicks and driving percussion remain with the odd bit of embellishment to decorate the phrasing.

“Mass Gathering” is positioned as the grand finale of the EP and, to no surprise, it performs very well under pressure. I may elicit an audible groan from some when I make comparisons to Belfast titans Bicep on this track, but I feel the comparison is complimentary and fair all the same. Sharp breaks, gated pads, and piano stabs lend themselves to a particular feeling of nostalgia, but these elements are counterbalanced by the clear sonic influences across the different eras of club and rave music. It seems, as with all other Breaka songs, that all of the song’s elements are tastefully balanced, with no section overcompensated for by another–this goes the same for the rest of the EP, and “Mass Gathering” is a fitting end to a tight, engaging listen all around.

A truly modern dance music EP that embraces its eclectic influences, future, and past, “We Move” is a testament to Breaka’s talents for arrangement, songwriting, and tastemaking

Posted on February 21, 2022

Breaka - We Move EP