Chatta B & Liondub – Ganjabread Man (Remix)

By Jordan Moussavi

Crate Classics’ latest drop sees long-time jungle producer Chatta B link up state-side with Liondub for a remix single comprised of cosmic atmospheres and feelings of cautious optimism.

On first listen, it’s clear that the duo has opted to eschew the more minimal textures and breakbeat flavors of the original, instead of looking to play to the track’s ethereal feel. Smatterings of airy pads, wet vocables, and the conspicuous promotion of the track’s bass guitar to the forefront of the mix put in the work here and the sum total is an effort that rolls together into a sumptuously smooth groove. The meat of the track glides its tuneful way through four minutes, thirty-one seconds of runtime, and glitchy variations coupled with decorative left-right work adds to the overall buoyancy.

I left the first listen oddly satisfied; for what reason, I wasn’t sure, but the late-night listening coupled with some trope-ridden reflections on the last two years might have had something to do with it.

Chatta B and Liondub’s remix is a welcome rehashing of the original, choosing to recolor the song in a more ethereal hue. Expect pillowy, introspective listening and an effort as catchy as it is dreamy.

Posted on September 27, 2021