Club Djembe Vol​.​1

By Corey Maass

“Cave by the Harbour” by DJ Polo and DJ Lobby eases you into the EP, beautiful pads giving way to a garage arrangement of skippy tones over perfectly arranged UK Funky kick, snare, and percussion. DJ Polo’s high standard of percussive precision makes this simple tune a pleasure to listen to over and over. The details in stereo and the mixing offer endless fascinations to grab onto.

KG’s “Obsession” is a fun Ghom-influenced funky tune. The vocal samples somehow remind me of classic De La Soul records and the way they’d use noisy samples to make you feel like you were at the party. At this party, there’s a great warm afternoon vibe. This could be one you skank to or bring a smile while sipping your drink on the patio.

“Get Up & Move” from Say3 certainly inspires. This is when we get low. Pure fire.

The party continues with “Space” from DJ Dean Lyon. It’s the UK funky formula applied perfectly as prescribed. Deep sub and skippy snares propelled by ravey stabs. Heads are nodding.

And finally, we wrap with the emotional “Holding On” by Bamz. Bamz’s melodic style is paired with heartbreaking lyrics, in a classic garage style. Wonderfully arranged and dripping with feeling, “Holding On” is the pop hit of the EP, totally different yet somehow fitting in perfectly.

The track selection and arrangement of this EP are great, amplified by the expectation that any sort of collection like this is usually a bunch of disconnected songs. The Club Djembe crew/party/label is one ot watch!

Posted on September 10, 2019

Club Djembe Vol​.​1