Daze Prism – Brizili EP

By Corey Maass

Horns and cackles greet you, as “Brizili”, by Daze Prism, kicks off. It’s tough not to smile at the silliness and good vibes, which is a nice change from the darker/harder vibe so much UK funky/carnival house/snare-focused garage is going for. But the beats are serious, and basslines should still please the “go in” enthusiast.

“Clank” continues the exalted sampling, painting a slightly different color. Showing off a bit more drum work, the UK Funky vibe is lifted up with shouts and bubbling riffs, and of course the bangs and clanks you’d expect with such a name. This is one of those tunes that feels like it could happily bounce along forever. It’s a DJ’s best friend.

“Mello” is a wet and wild ride through soupy synths and plucky melodies, but features the same big funky drums. A bit more straight on, the colors are warmer, the drums chunkier, and the same “rolls along” atmosphere. As we get away from the samplitude of the opening tracks, the clarity of the rhythms and overall structure come into focus. “Mello” feels somehow more grounded like Daze Prism is starting to get serious.

And finally “Proper”, built around a great vocal sample, is a bit of a departure, focusing more on a rave-up synth line but it’s no less amusing, especially when it smooths out a couple of1 minutes in. The pieces come together, and again there’s a feeling like the nice guy you just met at the coffee shop will save you when the apocalypse hits. Do not underestimate the resources that lie within.

Posted on February 28, 2020