DJ BMW – Prism

By Corey Maass

Back in the day, what drew me to UK funky was the split between the lush pop feel of acts like Crazy Cousinz and the motif-driven side with the likes of Lil Silva and Roska. “Prism” and “Reactor Core”, the first two tracks on this EP from DJ BMW, are perfect examples of compelling ideas, well explored. Danceable, dancehall-influenced polyrhythm intermingles with just enough sound design to distract you. Just when your brain says, “I get it,” there’s a tasteful twist, a slight variation on a bass swell, more grit, and suddenly another two minutes go by.

The Murder He Wrote remix of “Prism” sounds like the missing middle eight filtered through the dirty sublow that preceded dubstep, which continues the theme of tastefully bass weight.

Lastly, Coldpast remixes “Reactor Core”, and the EP is complete. This one scares me, it really does. Kicks replace bass, pound for pound, and I only pray I’m sober when this comes on. My face might melt off.

Posted on May 29, 2019