DJ Q & Todd Edwards – Sweet Day

By Jordan Moussavi

It takes no explanation for the electronic music heads among us that UKG has enjoyed a steady and exciting revival across the noughties and the teens. Its bustling underground has consistently devised new ways to infuse the genre with modern flavors, or, in many cases, the inverse, finding inventive ways to revisit the roots of the genre with a contemporary tilt.

‘Sweet Day’ is exceptionally rare in that it is a sort of exercise in both. A quick glimpse at the personnel and it’s not hard to see why: Todd Edwards, credited by many as one of the most important figures in the ongoing history of UK garage, side-by-side with DJ Q, a leading light in the UK’s bassline scene in his own right, especially in the scene’s growing popularity around the “T2 Era”. Add to this the existence of DJ Q’s “Classified” alias which pays a direct homage to his counterpart and you have a fated collab decades in the making.

From the get-go, there are vibey garage house vibes abound. The rhythm section drops into a punchy, no-nonsense groove whilst a warm, muted bass riffs out a jazzy lick that stitches together the chattering hats, speculative synths, and tasteful vocal chops that have long been signatures of both artists throughout their respective careers.

The key shifts that follow are vintage Todd Edwards and overall the composition feels like the two have managed to mediate a tight partnership, that sees Edwards’ eye for flavor align with DJ Q’s razor-sharp production chops. Add to the mix scene legend Joker on mastering duties, and you’ve got an authentic love letter to garage courtesy of its “Toddfather” and a seminal stalwart of bassline.

Posted on October 3, 2022

DJ Q & Todd Edwards - Sweet Day