DJ Sofa & Tim Reaper – Helsinki To London Connection (Cheetah & Janaway Remix)

By Ariel Remy

There’s something special about the contemporary Bristol jungle scene. In my opinion, the sheer amount of great venues hosting brilliant events combined with a seemingly incessant wealth of talented producers have helped the city of Bristol to be the most exciting place for jungle music this year. At the forefront of this Bristolian revolution, you’ll spot the local heroes, Cheetah & Janaway. This unofficial yet iconic duo has been mashing up the breakbeats and creating anthems for some time now and it was only a matter of time before Tim Reaper would approach them for a Future Retro release.

Their Future Retro debut has come under the form of remix work for Tim Reaper & DJ Sofa’s track ‘Helsinki To London Connection’ released last year. The original is a raucous piece of 93-style hardcore jungle tuneage and it’s most definitely on a ragga tip. It’s as if it was produced in 93 and Cheetah & Janaway’s remix was commissioned the following year, in 1994. If this had been the case, you could be sure it would’ve been a smash hit in the clubs and on the airwaves. With its smooth rearrangement and tearing amens, this take has all the ingredients to be a classic piece of ragga jungle ruffage and is nothing short of this, yet it still manages to keep a futuristic edge which is typical of a Cheetah or Janaway production. The booming 808s and wobble basslines are to die for and the energy brought by the stabs really propel the listener into hardcore jungle heaven.

An absolute belter of a remix that does an excellent job of honoring the original version. The twists and turns will undoubtedly keep you on your toes whether in the rave or at home – this is an essential listen for all junglists out there. Shout out to Soeneido for remixing this track as well! I highly recommend you buy the Remix EP on wax.

Posted on April 18, 2024