DJ Whitecoat & Jae Elle – Riddim (DJ Polo Remix)

By Corey Maass

Like a lot of the best remixes, DJ Polo’s interpretation of DJ Whitecoat’s track, “Riddim”, is like seeing the tune through a technicolor filter. It’s bold and clear, drawing attention to the key elements that matter. And like most of DJ Polo’s production, the mix is airtight and intricate. It’s a great contrast to the original.

The original is a great tune, tune. Jae Elle’s vocals bounce nicely over a bongo-heavy groove. It’s a slinky, and I’d love to see it performed live. Carnival having just gone by, I could see this being a great block party performance.

But maybe my favorite element of this EP is the inclusion of the instrumentals, if only for the sake of studying these two producers side-by-side. Without the vocals, it’s fun to hear all of the littlest details that make these tracks what they are. Little effects and ambiance, forward and backward, create and release tension like a yo-yo. But each producer uses these tools in their own way. If you write up funky, time to study up.

Posted on September 5, 2019