DJ Whitecoat – Summer Sampler (2019)

By Corey Maass

The summer will be good for anyone dancing to a set by DJ Whitecoat. It will be loud and bouncy.

“Stick Man” epitomizes banger not anthem in its rolling simplicity. You’ll be singing along to your favorite song, when suddenly it breaks down, you make a bass face and then dance harder for the next two minutes. Just kidding. It’s not a breakdown. It’s a magical tune like this that’s pure vibe. Tracks like this never get the attention they deserve.

“Belly Fire” is full of Roska-inspired stop-time joy. There’s no lead yet somehow you’re humming the bass-line an hour later. I’m reminded of early 80s video games where the concept is simple but you spent all of the sixth grade trying to complete the mission.

“Nah Nah No” takes us later into the night. It’s more romantic, which might be why I wish it had a vocal. The production is excellent, but I want to sing along. Since this is a sampler, I look forward to someone sampling this tune, taking it to the next level.

Out soon on Suntribe Terrace, who’s back catalog is well worth exploring.

Posted on June 10, 2019