Doc Zee – Moodswing EP Pt. 1

By Corey Maass

in “HTSG”, from Doc Zee, crunchy drums and grime bleats lay an odd bed for gorgeous vocals from Dakota Sixx, but it works. Then heartache and Burial-style vocals-in-space set us up for searing bass, an odd counterpoint to the triumph of “it’s hard to say goodbye,” or maybe the perfect expression of emotion. Either way, it works. The tune does seem to go through a number of mood swings. Highly recommended as your next break-up tune.

And then there are remixes!

Murder He Wrote draws on the emotion with luscious pads and bubbly vocal treatments. It’s the quieter, side-glances of the original, even when it breaks down to a drum roller. Like all good remixes, it has a mind of its own, focusing in on a single element of the original. The tears are drying. This is the angry-sad.

Finally, Higgo covers the housey, garage euphoria of “we should just move on”. It’s done. Sadly so is the EP. This second remix is the perfect joy of losing yourself on a night out, leaving your emotions at the door.

Posted on July 11, 2019