Dr Cryptic – About You

By Jordan Moussavi

Dr Cryptic has long been an established presence in UK underground bass music. From his involvement with the internationally recognised Chip Butty Records to his stellar archive of uptempo bangers, the Sheffield resident has deftly manoeuvred around the ever-ambiguous boundaries between the bassline, garage, and garage house, all the while exhibiting a flair for the mucky.

“About You” begs no exception to the aforementioned—slick incorporation of a vocal line recently and most memorably used by both Calippo and scene contemporary, Venz matches up with sludgy bass movement and no-nonsense, 4×4 drums, marking another dynamic entry in the dirty doctor’s toolbox. The track also marks another notable pivot to more speed garage oriented sounds, following in the same vein as musical neighbours Joedan, Liam Bline and collaboration partner Sekt-87, along with a growing host of others.

With “Petal”, “2 Dam Rotten” and “Raven” all going on to become scene staples and personal genre favourites, About You seems all but destined for a similar fate this summer.

Posted on June 21, 2021