Drumwork – Freak/Touch EP

By Corey Maass

“Touch” sneaks in with a tribal madness that can’t be topped. Then it drops to a simple house riff and the drum line is at it again. Drinks will spill. The stands will go wild. The football team will win and no one will care. Just listening in the car or at home will leave you exhausted. Please enjoy responsibly.

Thankfully, “Freak” is the same but different. It’s equally as unrelenting, but would fit better in a techno set in Berlin at 5AM than on a beach during a summer afternoon. It may just drive you mad. It reminds me a bit of Josh Wink’s Don’t Laugh.

This is an odd review, I know. These tunes from Drumwork are amazing, and I desperately hope to hear them on a dance floor. This one is truly for the DJs.

Posted on June 13, 2019

Drumwork - Freak/Touch EP