Fallow – Sunny Dubs Vol. 1

By Jordan Moussavi

As unheralded as he is subversively talented, Fallow never fails to bring his unique flair for genre-melding to the table.

Blending elements of bass, PC music, dancehall, funky and on this EP, garage, Fallow really hits his stride on “Ravin’ Dub”: a dramatic reinterpretation of pirate radio’s heyday with bright, poppy synths and a charming vocal line that will almost certainly function as a peak time heater in raves throughout the summer. The MC implores the DJ to “play [his] favourite song” so that he might “rave all night” – a request that is hard to refuse given how effortlessly he bounces off Fallow’s production here. The sugary synth-line is Murlo-esque and works wonders for the cohesiveness of each texture in the soundscape. Fallow has already written one of my favourite tracks in one of my favourite genres with the bittersweet “Touch Ya Knees”—he may well have written of my favourite UKG tracks of the year with this entry.

Up next is “Succession Dub”, a playful trap banger with skippy string plucks and vocal chops à la grime. Even on a more whimsical set-tune, Fallow is able to clearly demonstrate his knack for crafting dance music with rich layers and a fragrant waft of melancholia.

Seeming to arrive at just the right time, Fallow’s versatility in production is a great stage-setter for those of us anticipating the summer. I’m sure both tracks in this double-header will make their way into personal rotation and if you don’t yet know, make sure you get to!

Posted on April 21, 2022

Fallow - Sunny Dubs Vol. 1