Hans Glader – Mad 4 U EP

By Jordan Moussavi

One of the most underrated figures pushing the NUKG wave, Hans Glader’s latest EP demonstrates his musical proficiency, as well as the host of eclectic influences contributing to his sound.

“You Can Dance” leads with a pitched down vocal and kicks into a skippy main motif, something that has fast become a signature of the Californian’s sound. An impressive array of samples fire off at intervals, with the pitched 808 putting the bulk of the wood in the burner. After a spacey interlude with a delay-soaked saxophone crooning off into the distance, the beat drops back in before filtering to a close.

“Mad 4 U” is next up, with a mosaic of samples gently bringing the track into focus. As the groove arrives, zany arpeggio runs, syncopated keys, and vocal embellishments run effortlessly over smooth bass movement, eventually leading up to another deliciously rich break. Sloshes of water and swelling pads add to the ambiance, with the bass and drums dropping back into a halftime variation. The playful drum fills are wonderfully jazzy and serve to further showcase Glader’s eminent musical chops.

Finally, “Olvidado” cuts a different angle, making use of an emotive guitar lead whilst retaining many of the stylistic components that make Hans Glader’s productions so unique. Heartbroken vocals, punchy garage drums, and subtle pad and string work make themselves felt in the first portion of the track, with a dramatic bridge separating it from the second. After the violins, maracas and guitars subside a 6/8 groove gently takes over before hushing to its crackling finale.

Hans Glader’s latest is a remarkably musical release, bearing many of the hallmarks that separate him from the rest. With too many musical layers to dissect in a short review, Mad 4 U is one to keep the musos and the dance heads nodding along through the summer.

Posted on July 5, 2021