Ian DPM – Plenty Of Nothing

By Corey Maass

“Plenty Of Nothing”, From Ian DPM,  is a playful little tune with a surprising amount of depth. It reminds me of the exciting noodling going on 20 years ago when computers gave rise to IDM, and the traditional dance music structure broke down. Here simple rhythms up front are pushed and pulled by well-hidden percussive elements causing it to wobble like the drunks you might meet at 2 am when this tune fills a nightclub. The sense of sway doubles with the metallic acid line that ties the tune together. I only caught the classic vocal stabs, the 32s of house hats, and the underground lake of bass on my 4th listen. It’s a great tune. You’re chasing a worm.

The dance-dancehall of “Or?” has the same wonderful depth as “Plenty Of Nothing”. This time the murky bassline is funky as hell and perfectly offset by ragga-style vocals that descend from dark skies. Distant strings and whizzing little melodic lines build beautifully to the more traditional dub-dubstep second half.

Ian DPM hails from Bristol to no surprise. This release holds a deep savvy for simple-not-simple dance music.


Posted on April 8, 2022

Ian DPM - Plenty Of Nothing