Intern Hook-up – Do It Now EP

By Corey Maass

It’s dangerous to write music reviews in a train to New York City. The metaphor is too easy.

“Do It Now”, by Intern Hook-up, is what you wish every Friday night in the city feels like, a little vintage rave, a little modern global club. Tons of attitude, trains rumbling under feet, you have no idea where you’ll end up, but you’re always moving forward.

And “Dessent” is when things get messy. Your friends have disappeared. The MTA has rerouted your train and somehow you’ve ended up in Queens. It ends well, safe back in your bed, but it took a lot to claw your way out of the quagmire.

Maybe just one more before calling it a night…

“Letting Off Steam in the Woods” is an odd yet appropriate comedown track. Creepy Aphex screams and moans, squeaky 90s blips and jabs, it matches your fears instead of trying to quiet them. Go to bed. Sleep it off. We’ll try again next weekend.

Posted on June 27, 2019