Kingdom – EXTERRA (Vol. 1)

By Corey Maass

The first thing that jumps out on this EP from Kingdom is the next-level production. The speakers nearly melt with how loud and clear it is. Proper ear candy.

“High Enough” is RnB though a dancefloor filter. Tiara Thomas breaks hearts with this one. Combined, you’ve got a wonderfully rich pop tune that makes you want to dance.

And then “Exterra” shoves you more into the Kingdom territory you might expect. Hard drums and bass drive along, switching constantly, playing off “Give me my paper” vocals. Kingdom is exceptional at the “creative club” feel and “Exterra” fits well. It changes vibes and genres often while captivating you the whole time.

“Chizel Cut” just bangs, while still keeping you on your toes. With headphones, there’s so much detail. Reminiscent of Drop the Lime and other post-IDM producers, the construction is a wild ride but won’t fail the DJ.

Finally “Azuza” caps the EP, taking us further into the night. Warm and tones start to bring you down but are mixed in with brutal bass and hits, like a thunderstorm delivering the last lightning show before receding into the distance.

Posted on September 12, 2019

Kingdom - EXTERRA (Vol. 1)