Murder He Wrote – Love / Loss EP

By Corey Maass

“Love” ft. Jessica Wilde starts off so sweet and careful that it inspires reflection. Those bittersweet moments in Trainspotting come to mind. The piano hints at the rave nostalgia that made The Streets famous. The most bittersweet to this track is it should push Murder He Wrote above ground to regular Friday night rotation on Radio 1, and the underground will be sad to see him go. “Love” has anthem written all over it.

And “Loss” picks up where “Love” left off. Rave-up piano vamps drop you into a classic garage bassline that almost distracts you from the gorgeousness of the vocal oohs and aahs. The steppiness returns just in time to get your toes tapping. Not to be missed.

Oddly enough, the perfection of the “Cuica Riddim” is what inspired this review. It’s track three but don’t sleep. Melodically busier than much of the Murder He Wrote tracks I’m familiar with, I caught a 90’s Sunship vibe from this one that I couldn’t stop humming. I don’t know if you’ll hear this on a dancefloor, but queue it for the drive home. Any drive home. You’ll just feel better about everything.

Finally, the Titeknots remix of “Love” almost leaves me resentful. It’s a Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff summer-time interpretation and I want to send it back to the 80s, but it comes too correct. Middle school b-boys are choreographing dance routines in the weeks leading up to the release. Get out your Jncos and get it done.

Posted on July 19, 2019