M.U.T.E. – Chvrch EP

By Corey Maass

“Chvrch” (by M.U.T.E.), the aptly named title track, will open my next DJ set. The angelic choral intro is wonderfully rich while also feeling just the right amount of silly. While you grin and wait, the relentless drop teases you until you almost can’t stand it. And then the metal pip hits you over the head, and your grin melts into bass-face when the UK Funky snares hit. The wave doesn’t stop. This is an unforgiving roller with only two parts, heaven and dance floor.

“Chvrch” is followed by “Believe”, a hard-4 tribute to what happens when you anger the gods. You can’t go wrong when dark garage sub meets kick and snare. It might be tough to sell on a dance floor, but this is a sound I loved in the early 00’s, and still sounds timeless to me now.

Finally, “O.M.G.” starts with Gabriel’s horns, if they came out of an FM synth. A tongue-in-cheek valley girl sample doesn’t prepare you for the horror funky that comes next (yes, I just invented a genre!). Grimey basses hover angrily over snappy snares and claps while the kick roots you in place. It’s over too quickly, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Posted on August 12, 2019