Origin – Nasty Tune

By Ariel Remy

Some tracks really live up to their names. This is one of those tracks. The name in question? “Nasty Tune”. Indeed, there is something quite nasty about the 160 fusion sounds that have been coming out of the UK over the last couple of years. Racket Recordings has been on the forefront of this, merging styles in a way that’ll make you screwface and shout “Ewww brother what’s that?” when you hear a Racket tune in the rave. There’s something so cheeky about these fusions of sounds and Origin’s “Nasty Tune” is really up there as one of the cheekiest.

Origin has a very deep love for all things 4×4, especially old-school bassline and his production in recent years exuberates this. The catch is he doesn’t produce his bassline-influenced tracks at the typical tempo of around 140 BPM. Instead, his productions sit between 150 and 160BPM and draw inspiration from other genres such as jungle, footwork, grime, and more. For me, “Nasty Tune” is a perfect example of his ability to break down genre barriers.

“Nasty Tune” begins with a simple 4×4 bassline drum pattern before breaking down into extremely grimey violins that set the tone of what’s about to come. The drop features a flurry of off-kilter percussion beneath fat and menacing (nasty) basslines. From then on Origin simply and effectively offers the listener tons of variations of this drop. With some sections being 4×4 and constantly evolving bass patterns, every 16-bar phrase keeps the listeners on their toes and wondering what’s going to happen next. From a DJ’s perspective, this is a great track to blend with, making it an absolute weapon in the rave.

Big shout out to Origin for producing this belter, I highly recommend you check it out as well as the other releases on the Racket Recordings imprint. Big up the 160 crew!

Posted on May 9, 2024

Origin - Nasty Tune