PIHMS – Shoulder Season

By Corey Maass

The precisely funky percussion that starts off “Dayquil™️ Killer”, by PIHMS feels like kids’ toys have taken over the dance floor. Dry, crisp and endless variations inspire your toes to keep tapping. The creepy chimes are enough to offset the looming bass. This is one for the mix.

“Vaporub™️down” feels like variations on a theme, but comes in much harder. Birds squawk at the driving tribal drums, but sound wholly unnatural. Hats and noise sweeps slide by, like dry ice. I love the tension in this as it continually approaches and then recedes.

“Down Time” is a tight little groove that bops along, drawing on your walls with crayon.

And finally, while “New Gear” comes in a little different, the vibe is somehow consistent with the rest of the EP. A bit more garage than funky, it’s got the same concise, steppy feel with emphasis on drums and bass.

This EP offers some of my favorite arrangements of 2019. It’s like Tetris. A few simple shapes falling thick and fast in every possible combination. It’s wonderfully symmetric, almost mathematical while feeling human at the same time.

Posted on February 24, 2020

PIHMS - Shoulder Season