Rastronaut – Furnas

By Corey Maass

The beauty of Furnas is in its chameleon nature. From the jump, there are hints of Miami and Detroit. Then it slips seamlessly sideways into baile funk or kuduro or UK funky, with melodies from South America floating over rhythms from Africa and the UK. It strolls along, changing colors without showing off. The builds drop in and out, forever teasing you. Lots of influences and references come together beautifully in one coherent tune, and man, it’s got groove.

Fontes plays with an 8-bit sound pallet, the best I’ve heard. Crunchy snares propel the tune forward, sparring with classic samples and synths straight out of my old C64. The percussive arrangement is clever without showing off, and after the second drop, it goes deep! This is a really fun tune I look forward to hearing in the mix.

Posted on August 5, 2019

Rastronaut - Furnas