Roadman Joel presents Roadman Anthems: The Resurrection

By Corey Maass

This collection of bass-heavy tunes from Roadman Joel is just about everything you need for your summer bangers. It sticks pretty close to the subterranean styles you can seek out around the UK, with a few exceptions.

Sergic’s “The Prince” is one of those exceptions, starting us off with pure fun. Harkening back to 90’s sample-ridden breakbeat, you’ve got vamps, record scratches and all the vocal chops you could need to lose your mind on a beach at sunrise.

Then the light fades to dark, and we get serious with “Keep Guard” from Archive. Chatty vocals are wrapped in steppy kicks and grinding atmospheric bass, with just enough snare to keep you guessing.

Then a step to the left and we’re skanking. “Violinz” from Doctor Jeep is grime-meets-UK funky in the spirit of 10 years ago. It’s simple and edgy, pairing the catchy top riff with 8-bar switches.

Along with Ali McK & IYZ X Retrospect’s “An Again (ft. Rame)”, your funky needs are met. Rame delivers the grime feel and the bass will scare the hell out of you, but to vibe is the same. Get dark, go hard, get low.

Also on the UK funky vibe, Leda Stray‘s “Astray” and Murder He Wrote‘s remix of TMSV’s “Expensive Suit” don’t disappoint. A bit more on the dancefloor tip, the big chunky snares set a sunshine vibe you’ll want to hear all summer long. The feeling culminates with Killjoy “Gangrene” with its sirens and straight-up marching rhythms.

You can’t have UK funky without bassline. Lyka’s “Buff Girls (Killjoy Remix)” set the tone early in this collection with sexy vocals and wonky bass. Sounding like either an aerobics class or porn, the result is the same. You’ll end up sweaty.

“Jawnz” from Frost and Majora’s “Boss Key” also touches on bassline, but are a bit more leftfield. “Boss Key” explores some different percussion, clearly Majora did “have some fun” in the studio, as the vocal sample insists.

The collection also visits 2-step with “Beeston Bandit” from Major Oak, garage with “Ravers (Coldpast Remix)” from Exit99 and Arctic’s “A Little Bit More Reese”, and a bit of chaos from Timbah’s “No Bootlegs”. DJ Madd and Archive hint at dubstep in their leftfield bass “Badman Talkin (Archive Remix)”. And not to be left out,  there’s a bit of juke-y madness from Arma’s Elevate.

All of which might culminate in the near-breakcore roller that is “Badboy Business” by Private Caller, bringing in the oldschool, proto-jungle vibes.

Overall, you’ll need everything from glow sticks to sandals for this collection, as it covers a lot of ground. I’d say most of the tunes are closer to riddims than anthems, but all bring solid vibes, perfect for another summer of raving.



Posted on July 9, 2019

Roadman Joel presents Roadman Anthems: The Resurrection