Scuffed Presents 002

By Corey Maass

Scuffed Records is a new one to me, but I’m impressed so far. This sampler, their second, makes you feel like there’s a whole world you’re not privy to. It’s annoying. I want in.

Rain’s remix of DJ Ronald Reagan‘s “Monsoon Season” kicks off with a muddy field, people dancing all around, smiles everywhere. It’s a simple tune, but the vibe is pure joy, piano vamps and all. The acieed drop makes you get down and dirty, before of course picking you back up again. I do wish there was a bit more wiggle in the drums, but mix this into the middle of a set at 2 AM and you couldn’t go wrong. Wait for the sub rush in the last couple of minutes. So worth it.

This is a sample. I have to remember that. The unlikely named second track, “OIZB (Marshall Applewhite Applesauce In the Mix Mix)” from Naco is a roller. A robot from the 1890s future escaped and is tumbling down the road, losing parts but magnetically attracting random pieces of metal at the same time. Eventually, he’s tackled by a dozen well-meaning doc workers. All interspersed with stock footage of 1950s assembly lines. I’m hoping no one was hurt in the making of this track. If they were, it was worth it.

The third track, High Class Filter‘s remix of “Lip Service” by Ian DPM, is how I landed on this EP. These polyrhythmic bangers stand out to me in any set. Simple themes and a catchy kicky pattern offset squiggly little synth lines and beautiful melodies. I love the unusual long bass climbs that never seem to end. The whole tunes is over too soon, and it’s different every time you hear it.

“Mangrove Boogie”, the Chung Remix, by 95Bones, wraps the EP nicely. At once African (a la Dj Mujava – Township Funk) and Miami Bass, “boogie” is the perfect word. I love tunes like this that cross genres and confuse the senses. You look at your buddy next to you, shout, “WHAT?!”, put your drink down, and go join everyone on the dance floor.

All of these tracks are just a little weird, in a great way. Scuffed Records lives in a parallel universe, confusing because of just how familiar it feels. I appreciate the originality, and the attention to the little things makes them stand out. One to watch, for sure.

Posted on June 7, 2019