Secret Agent Gel & Redders – Change My Ting

By Jordan Moussavi

“Change My Ting” marches through UK Funky territory to deliver a rambunctious vocal heater, ready to shut down any dance. With pitched drums, marching snares, and deep, groovy bass in the undertow, Secret Agent Gel’s latest serves as a perfect wave for the ever-charismatic Redders to ride. At four and a half minutes the track seems too short, and this serves as a testament to the track’s hypnotic instrumental and head-nodding vocal delivery.

The B-side provides an instrumental copy and stands out as a versatile potential pairing for a number of talented MCs in the UK underground and beyond.

With dollops of flavor and oozing with charm, Change My Ting is a saucy entry into Durkle Disco’s already impressive back catalog.

Posted on May 20, 2021

Secret Agent Gel & Redders - Change My Ting