Simo Cell & Peter Van Hoesen – Sans Titre EP 02

By Corey Maass on 22 August, 2019

“Ego Death” by Simo Cell feels unrooted, painting a picture of an unearthly world of light and dark. It wanders but not without purpose. Momentum is lost and regained. Tones and rhythms replace each other, sometimes ducking out of sight. It’s challenging but somehow soothing at the same time. The feeling of loss is real, though.

“Cygnus Attratus” by Peter Van Hoesen provides a good, blippier counterpart with references to early acieed techno pushed though 30 years of dance music. Drum machine loops skitter between lasers with dips into pure beats and texture. I’d love to hear this coming through the trees at night. Maybe without the robots.



Label: Lavibe

Simo Cell & Peter Van Hoesen - Sans Titre EP 02