Smoove Kriminal – Benimussa Bass EP

By Corey Maass

This EP is pure vibes. Reminiscent of Bankongo and other studies in pure rhythm, all three tunes are all about color and tension. “Digi-tek”, the first track on this EP from Smoove Kriminal (take that, spell check), is a simple yet infectious beat accompanied by sonorous bells, off-kilter percussion, and oddly familiar sample chops. That moment in so many tracks where the high hat comes and it all comes together? This whole tune feels like that.

“Levels” is a bit more housey, but with a distinctly tech-meets-beach feel. I can hear Pete Tong’s voice over the breakdown during their Ibiza takeover. I hope he doesn’t sleep on this one.

Lastly “Sublmnl” is a return to the more tribal bongo feel one usually expects from Smoove Kriminal, though it wouldn’t be out of place in a techno set. Both light and dark, it feels like you’re traveling through a tunnel, headlights and fluorescents streaming by. It’s up to you if you’re looking forward or back.

Posted on September 6, 2019