SPD – Mind At Large EP

By Jordan Moussavi

SPD’s latest EP is a concise and tasteful cross-stitch of garage, funky and industrial sonics that clearly demonstrates his versatility and affinity for roomy soundscapes.

The record kicks off with “Ferment”, an ominous introduction that isn’t shy to lean into its clear UKG and funky influences. Situated somewhere between the tribal and the industrial, the cold open space of the track’s warehouse sonics reluctantly give way to a driving hat and woodblock pattern that emerges just before the halfway mark.  Dissonant chords, clangs, and bass riffs writhe in the damp soil beneath the drum pattern until the closing seconds. Fonzo’s flip is an unapologetic, UK funky banger that leads with the classic three-part combo of a punchy kick, a rolling bass, and a marching snare. Sparkly arpeggios mark the halfway point before segueing into a wonky synth variation—a fun and raucous entry overall.

“Mind At Large” offers up minimalist garage stylings with an undercurrent of electro, whilst B2 enjoys the scene-setting that delayed keys and a syncopated drum section provide. Warping bass movement laces the groove together nicely and the vintage synth sound has a vibe that is distinctly “Mortal Kombat”—given that this is one of my favorite series of games, this is no bad thing. Debba’s remix is a playful interpolation of the above themes, complete with tuned percussion; the final third, in particular, is a personal standout, with machine-like bells and wet synths bouncing in wayward directions, intersecting one another as a string synth gently creeps its way through the surrounding darkness.

As five tracks, the record is a no-nonsense journey through the darker and more minimal side of bass-heavy dance music.

To be served on a dark dancefloor, piping hot!


Posted on May 17, 2022

SPD - Mind At Large EP