Syn – Temper

By Corey Maass

“Temper”, the first track by Syn on this EP, is startling. The banshees call into the night, and they’ve answered with the bang and clang of drums. The sub is immense on this one, and altogether, the simple elements create a breath-taking atmosphere of the synthetic jungle, a video game you want to play all night.

The second track, “Void”, is a meaty drum work out with really fun grooves. Percussive phrases carve patterns out of the core beats, propelling the track forward. The craftsmanship is stellar. It’s got an Uncle Bakongo sort of feel. Not a lot of producers can do so much with so little. This is the subterranean theme in our video game when things get a little dark.

And lastly, “Cold”, is a really interesting switch up. Absolutely consistent with the other two tracks, it emphasizes filtered bass and percussion, with a bit more melody hinted at by bells. It’s a whole different way of painting a soundscape, and she accomplishes it to great effect.

Highly recommended listening, in and out of the club.

Posted on March 5, 2020