TC4 – Lobos

By Corey Maass

We need more horns in garage. We need more garage. Thank you, TC4!

“Caracas” has a wonderfully classic 2-step garage feel. Shuffling drums, steppy vocal chops, and a bubbling bassline play off a simple horn riff to create a great summer vibe at home in the 90s or 2019. I am not dressed nearly well enough for this tune, but gun fingers are definitely out. And, oh my, it is so sweet when the strings come in before the second drop. Wait for it.

Speaking of drops, the drop in “Bongo” is immaculate. Latin piano over a classic rave-up drops you into madness with a bit of clever production. I won’t give it away, but it’s one of the more satisfying riddims I’ve heard in a while. This is the epitome of a producer seeing an idea through.

Finally, the flutes of “Lobos” take you away. In an odd way, “Lobos” feels like the joining of the other two tracks, straddling garage and brilliant arrangement, but maybe with a splash of Brazilian percussion for good measure. It would work great as a grime instrumental but stands satisfyingly on its own.

Posted on August 15, 2019

TC4 - Lobos