Tony Quattro – Unguard

By Corey Maass

When “Unguard”, the first track on this EP by Tony Quattro, hits, I was blown back. It’s a proper drum workout full of groovy shapes and accented sparingly by a synth line and vocal stabs. A perfectly unassuming intro, mixed well, gives you no warning of the wall of bass that holds you down while a drum line rattles your bones. This tune, in the mix, is gold.

And “Hippos” is the evil twin brothers of “Unguard”. They live in the mud under the porch. They came from the same womb, but something went horribly wrong. Drums roll eerily, flies buzz almost melodically, and the once warm and inviting bass is somehow now terrifying. All the same, it’s no less fun to listen to.

“Agua” takes a slightly different tack. It’s catchier than the other two tracks, but a touch less daring. Equally, as tribal, the afro-house vibe is more prominent, with flutes, big sky pads, and resonant vocals filling out the ensemble. This the lighter side of the darker atmosphere set in the first two tracks.

Posted on February 20, 2020

Tony Quattro - Unguard