Various Artists EP (3024​-​FYE4)

By Corey Maass

Martyn comes consistent with “Frozen Bread Snaps”, starting off this EP on a deep, orchestral vibe. Brooding basses rumble under melancholy strings and garage chords echo in the distance. Soft and warm, Martyn always knows how to create an atmosphere.

The atmospheric pressure changes with the second track “Door of Gulf” by Sin Gremlinz and Jesta. “Door” harkens back to my favorite period of jungle and drum and bass, when a Guy Called Gerald and Photek kept things steppy and dark. Beautiful elements of space and pace roll along, consistent but never repeating.

Noire brings in the UK Funky vibes with “Ballas”, serving as a great transition as the tempo slows. It’s deep and tribal but has the same big open atmosphere as the first two tracks. For the headphone crew, listen closely, the details hidden way in the back add a really nice natural feel.

We close with “Dusty Glass Bubbles” from Parris. The track drones and hiccups, while bubbles, as the title promises, float by. The simple, delightful little beat sneaks in and out. Overall, it’s a beautiful moment in time, stretched out into the five minutes before you have to come up for air.

At first listen, this EP felt a little incongruent, but the consistency lies in the spaces created. Each track might paint the same open field, just at different times of the day. And each painting is beautiful and deserves study.

Posted on September 16, 2019

Various Artists EP (3024​-​FYE4)