Z-KAT – the Forgotten ep

By Corey Maass

Perhaps what’s remembered in “The Forgotten”, by Z-Kat, are the simple elements that can make a great dance tune. Scratchy samples hook you, driving bass propels you forward, and a great beat with subtle variation keeps you dancing. But wait for the second drop. Thick, loping pads block your way, holding you back just until you can’t stand it anymore, before clearing the way for more rolling goodness.

“Baio” is gnarly bass meets roller-skating electro. It’s an interesting back-and-forth between Thriller synths and searing bass lines that fit together surprisingly well.

Finally “Aquamortis” takes the DX7 a step further, following the Loveboat Into the Caribbean for some fantastically FM synth vibes over a classic UK Funky beat. It’s a little weird, but captivating, especially the way the melodies resolve so good.

Posted on October 24, 2019