The Bass Tourist Podcast Guest Info

Description, thesis:

Through interviews, mixes, and features, we’ll travel to various music scenes around the world, focusing on “bass” music (bass and percussion focused dance music). DJs, producers, promoters, and people involved give us a glimpse of what’s like to be in their local scene. I’m hoping to capture what it’s like to be on the dance floor, reliving that moment and that feeling.

Episodes are 60 – 90 minutes, audio-only, distributed through iTunes, Spotify, Sticher, and most other big podcast networks.

Who am I and why am I doing this?

I’m a US-based producer and DJ. I’m a life-long fan of dance music. I’m fascinated by the context of music, and interviewing people involved with music fulfills me. It also makes me feel connected with a global music scene that is often difficult to visit in person.

Sample interview topics/questions:

  • “What was your first experience with “bass” music?” We’ll use this question to find out a bit about your background.
  • “What genres do you usually prefer? How do you think you fit into it?”
  • “Where are you based? What’s the scene like there?”
  • “What’s your favorite tune for the dance floor, at the moment? What’s it like when it drops?”
  • “What’s been your best moment on a dance floor in the last year or so?”
  • “What’s been your best moment DJing in the last year or so? What was the party? How’d it feel when the crowd went nuts?”
  • “What party or scene has surprised you the most?”
  • “What’s your listening guilty pleasure? Any other genres or artists that you’ll always reach for after a party?”


  • Interview: 60 – 90 minutes Zoom video call (Just so we can see each other. The podcast is audio-only): A few minutes to catch up, discuss topics, and timeline, and then we chat for about an hour.
  • Assets: Send me a track you’d like for the intro (Ideally one you wrote) and a high res photo of you DJing, producing, dancing (something with music, preferably).
  • Editing: I send you an edited down episode before it’s released. You have final say over the published content. 
  • Published: Once I get your approval, I’ll release the episode.

Interview instructions:

I do all the interviews via zoom. Sorry, yes, I’m asking you to install an app 🙂 But it’s a free app that lets me record you in high-quality audio, so we come off as professional as possible. There’s no sign-up, I just send you a link, it starts the call, and you can delete the app right after the call.

  • Please install on your phone or computer before the interview time.
  • Then connect to the zoom call
  • Use headphones and a mic
  • Sit in a quiet area
  • Be close to wifi or the audio will cut out