Skin Teeth

Skin Teeth, aka Ned Woodman, fell in love with hardcore breaks in ’92 when he was 13 and hasn’t looked back. He went to his first rave at 14 and has been DJing since 15. A member of Figures Of Eighty, he’s recently branched out with a new moniker, Skin Teeth, focusing on the raw, sample-based rave-up vibes that started it all in ’92. And he’s started his Torre label to help spread the word.

We chat about the role trust plays when building a label and DJ persona, how breaking the rules can inspire innovation, the importance of having multiple voices, and he shares his secret for the optimal release schedule if you run your own label.

Torre Records

Opening track: Skin Teeth – Nebulous

Posted on October 23, 2019

Skin Teeth