Liam Bline’s newest drop is a playful throwback to the “good old days” of bassline, with an entry that wouldn’t be out of place on an old-school Niche nightclub compilation.

Released through Sheffield’s Chip Butty Records, “Caught Up” bears all the hallmarks of party-igniting banger—a nostalgic vocal sample complements the uptempo drums, with bubbling bass work doing much of the heavy lifting. The end result is a hybrid of vintage vibes enlivened by modern production techniques and is a production trend that has steadily gained some traction, especially in the UK’s North.

To the previous point, the track arrives amidst something of a revival for speed garage sounds; a genre witnessing a noticeable uptick in inclusion across bassline, garage, and techno sets.

With lockdown coming to a foreseeable end soon in the UK, Liam Bline’s effort is varnished with vibes from start to finish, making for perfect middle-of-the-night skanking in any set, at any bumping rave.


Joedan has long been an unsung hero of UKG’s underground, garnering support and respect from many of the scene’s finest and foremost. 

‘Forget the Girl’ is Joedan’s latest E.P. offering, making slick use of the oft-remixed Tony Terry vocal of the same name. The ‘Tunnel Mix’ is the EP’s first cut, combining a growling speed garage bass, a thudding four-to-the-floor kick, and the aforementioned vox to delectably sinister effect. Joedan seems to have thoroughly refined the art of making broody club bangers, and this introductory track is no different. 

On the flip side Skillz pulls out his producer chops to craft an entry similar in vibe, but on more of a deep and jackin’ house tilt, teasing out some rave flavors with piano riffs, tight hats, and claps, and a crunchy, descending bass motif.

Forget the Girl is a welcome addition to a reemerging UK underground club scene. Expect dark, sulky rave energy alongside a healthy zesting of house and garage drums.