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Tony Quattro - Unguard

Tony Quattro – Unguard

They live in the mud under the porch. They came from the same womb, but something went horribly wrong. Drums roll eerily, flies buzz almost melodically, and the once warm and inviting bass is somehow now terrifying.

DJ Doraemon - African Voices

DJ Doraemon – African Voices

Soupy reverbed-out spaces and voices make you take off your headphones to make sure no one is talking to you.

DJ Icebox & Happysoul - Molecules EP

DJ Icebox & Happysoul – Molecules EP

The momentum of the bubbly riff is countered only by the steppy African beats and occasional sweep to mark time.

DJ Kayo - Cocaine

DJ Kayo – Cocaine

It’s a delightfully breathless six minutes of pure pressure.

Wilson Kentura - Burn the Floor

Wilson Kentura – Burn the Floor

“Burn the Floor” is a wide-open plain, drawn in Tron-like dayglo lines. The space is filled with beat and simple melodic tone that fits together, exquisitely.

DJ JM - No Days Off EP

DJ JM – No Days Off EP

Grinding synths hint at a gothic decay while propelling the track through wet streets at night.