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DJ Doraemon - African Voices

DJ Doraemon – African Voices

Soupy reverbed-out spaces and voices make you take off your headphones to make sure no one is talking to you.

DJ Firmeza - Ardeu

DJ Firmeza – Ardeu

The vocals leap and slice around the room, chased by truly banging drums. Each section lulls you forward, while police sirens chase you throw the crowd dancing in the street.

Bass Clef - Zamyatin Renumbered

Bass Clef – Zamyatin Renumbered

Exploring garage, kuduro, UK funky, Squarepusher jungle, itchy IDM, and shimmering, disorienting ambient… It’s an extremely thick 43 minutes of music but a rewarding listen, end to end.

Rastronaut - Furnas

Rastronaut – Furnas

Lots of influences and references come together beautifully in one coherent tune, and man, it’s got groove.

SHE Spells Doom - Neon Death EP

SHE Spells Doom – Neon Death EP

Burying UK funky, kuduro and soca rhythms and industrial percussion in dark fields of reverb and layered drums.

Leda Stray & High Class Filter - Venga

Leda Stray & High Class Filter – Venga

As much global dancehall and bang as you can cram into a dancefloor tune.