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Bakongo - Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap

Bakongo – Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap

7 October, 2019

So many tiny, fractal-like details form patterns, blend together, and become one, whole natural experience.

DJ Firmeza - Ardeu

DJ Firmeza – Ardeu

3 October, 2019

The vocals leap and slice around the room, chased by truly banging drums. Each section lulls you forward, while police sirens chase you throw the crowd dancing in the street.

Bass Clef - Zamyatin Renumbered

Bass Clef – Zamyatin Renumbered

30 September, 2019

Exploring garage, kuduro, UK funky, Squarepusher jungle, itchy IDM, and shimmering, disorienting ambient… It’s an extremely thick 43 minutes of music but a rewarding listen, end to end.

Naughty - Dom 877 + Killa P

Naughty – Dom 877 + Killa P

26 September, 2019

The warning sirens and deep toms keep pace perfectly with the rugged vocals of Killa P. So good.

JOJV - Concrete / Signal

JOJV – Concrete / Signal

19 September, 2019

Sparse yet complex, it hits hard and takes no prisoners.

Various Artists EP (3024​-​FYE4)

Various Artists EP (3024​-​FYE4)

16 September, 2019

Each track might paint the same open field, just at different times of the day. And each painting is beautiful and deserves study.

Kingdom - EXTERRA (Vol. 1)

Kingdom – EXTERRA (Vol. 1)

12 September, 2019

The speakers nearly melt from the next-level production.

Club Djembe Vol​.​1

Club Djembe Vol​.​1

10 September, 2019

The track selection and arrangement of this EP are great, amplified by the expectation that any sort of collection like this is usually a bunch of disconnected songs.

Smoove Kriminal - Benimussa Bass EP

Smoove Kriminal – Benimussa Bass EP

6 September, 2019

Both light and dark, it feels like you’re traveling through a tunnel, headlights and fluorescents streaming by. It’s up to you if you’re looking forward or back.

DJ Whitecoat & Jae Elle - Riddim (DJ Polo Remix)

DJ Whitecoat & Jae Elle – Riddim (DJ Polo Remix)

5 September, 2019

Little effects and ambiance, forward and backward, create and release tension like a yo-yo.

Cocktail Party Effect - Shattered Retina EP

Cocktail Party Effect – Shattered Retina EP

2 September, 2019

It’s dark and brooding but somehow warm and calming at the same time, like thunder rolling in. This whole EP is certainly not for the faint of heart but is expertly crafted, and well worth the listen.

Taso & Siete Catorce - Grandes Exitos

Taso & Siete Catorce – Grandes Exitos

29 August, 2019

Then water drops, intimate hand drums, and the blips and squawks evolve. It’s a terrifying, compelling listen.

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