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Tony Quattro - Unguard

Tony Quattro – Unguard

20 February, 2020

They live in the mud under the porch. They came from the same womb, but something went horribly wrong. Drums roll eerily, flies buzz almost melodically, and the once warm and inviting bass is somehow now terrifying.

Nan Kolè x DJ Tess - Homemade Ep

Nan Kolè x DJ Tess – Homemade Ep

17 February, 2020

Simple melodies leave the beats space to breathe, ironically leaving me breathless with switchbacks, subtle pattern changes, and detailed reverb creating just enough depth.

DJ Doraemon - African Voices

DJ Doraemon – African Voices

13 February, 2020

Soupy reverbed-out spaces and voices make you take off your headphones to make sure no one is talking to you.

African Imperial Wizard - Cetshwayo KaMpande

African Imperial Wizard – Cetshwayo KaMpande

10 February, 2020

The EP moves slowly out of darkness into light, with marching snares and swelling tones. The people come together, chanting away evil, and overcome the wicked and vile.

TC4 - Grooves

TC4 – Grooves

9 January, 2020

Corey uses TC4’s excellent “Grooves” EP to wax nostalgic about garage in the early 200s. It’s a great EP.

DJ Icebox & Happysoul - Molecules EP

DJ Icebox & Happysoul – Molecules EP

18 November, 2019

The momentum of the bubbly riff is countered only by the steppy African beats and occasional sweep to mark time.

Skee Mask - Iss004

Skee Mask – Iss004

14 November, 2019

The brutal stop-time acieed of “Jugg” by Skee Mask, sets the tone for this EP. Bass as percussion, Percussion as bass.

Z-KAT - the Forgotten ep

Z-KAT – the Forgotten ep

24 October, 2019

The simple elements that can make a great dance tune – scratchy samples hook you, driving bass propels you forward, and a great beat with subtle variation keeps you dancing.

DJ Kayo - Cocaine

DJ Kayo – Cocaine

21 October, 2019

It’s a delightfully breathless six minutes of pure pressure.

DJ Tess - IENE

DJ Tess – IENE

17 October, 2019

Claustrophobic and urgent, banshees chant over frenetic drums, while tension-filled drones build hover overhead before crashing over your head in waves of sub and siren.

Mr Solo - Solo Mission

Mr Solo – Solo Mission

15 October, 2019

Most of these tunes are bangers, not anthems, the kind that the best DJs use to set a mood, make people get low, and go home with smiles.

Bakongo - Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap

Bakongo – Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap

7 October, 2019

So many tiny, fractal-like details form patterns, blend together, and become one, whole natural experience.

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