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Syn - Temper

Syn – Temper

It’s a whole different way of painting a soundscape, and she accomplishes it to great effect.

Daze Prism - Brizili EP

Daze Prism – Brizili EP

The pieces come together, and again there’s a feeling like the nice guy you just met at the coffee shop will save you when the apocalypse hits. Do not underestimate the resources that lie within.

PIHMS - Shoulder Season

PIHMS – Shoulder Season

Hats and noise sweeps slide by, like dry ice. I love the tension in this as it continually approaches and then recedes.

Nan Kolè x DJ Tess - Homemade Ep

Nan Kolè x DJ Tess – Homemade Ep

Simple melodies leave the beats space to breathe, ironically leaving me breathless with switchbacks, subtle pattern changes, and detailed reverb creating just enough depth.

Z-KAT - the Forgotten ep

Z-KAT – the Forgotten ep

The simple elements that can make a great dance tune – scratchy samples hook you, driving bass propels you forward, and a great beat with subtle variation keeps you dancing.

DJ Tess - IENE

DJ Tess – IENE

Claustrophobic and urgent, banshees chant over frenetic drums, while tension-filled drones build hover overhead before crashing over your head in waves of sub and siren.

Mr Solo - Solo Mission

Mr Solo – Solo Mission

Most of these tunes are bangers, not anthems, the kind that the best DJs use to set a mood, make people get low, and go home with smiles.

Bakongo - Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap

Bakongo – Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap

So many tiny, fractal-like details form patterns, blend together, and become one, whole natural experience.

Bass Clef - Zamyatin Renumbered

Bass Clef – Zamyatin Renumbered

Exploring garage, kuduro, UK funky, Squarepusher jungle, itchy IDM, and shimmering, disorienting ambient… It’s an extremely thick 43 minutes of music but a rewarding listen, end to end.

Naughty - Dom 877 + Killa P

Naughty – Dom 877 + Killa P

The warning sirens and deep toms keep pace perfectly with the rugged vocals of Killa P. So good.

JOJV - Concrete / Signal

JOJV – Concrete / Signal

Sparse yet complex, it hits hard and takes no prisoners.

Various Artists EP (3024​-​FYE4)

Various Artists EP (3024​-​FYE4)

Each track might paint the same open field, just at different times of the day. And each painting is beautiful and deserves study.